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School District Employees - General Information

File Your Claim Online

Log on to and click on “Unemployment Insurance Benefits.”
From this website, you can:

  • File a new claim or reopen an existing claim,
  • File your biweekly certifications,
  • View claim status for last payment, current mailing address and account status
  • Establish direct deposit,
  • Debit Card enrollment and
  • Register and search AlaskaJobs, the Alaska Labor Exchange system for job openings.

Information You Need To File

  • Social Security Number
  • If not a U.S. citizen, alien registration number, work permit type, or passport number and expiration date,
  • Name of last employer, mailing address and phone number,
  • Dates of employment,
  • Hours and gross wages earned in the last week you worked,
  • Gross amount of holiday, vacation, severance or bonus you received the last week you worked and
  • Retirement information if you are currently or will soon be receiving retirement payments.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be able and available to accept full-time work in any occupation consistent with your prior training or experience.
  • You must be able to get to work.
  • You are required to register with AlaskaJobs.
  • You may be selected to participate in a mandatory Re-employment Services and Eligibility Assessment program. If selected, you must participate.
  • You are required to seek suitable work and report valid work search contacts for each week you are claiming benefits unless instructed otherwise.
  • If you receive notice that you are rehired with any school district and you only have school district wages in your base period, stop filing for weeks beginning the week you receive notice. Refer to the monetary determination you received in the mail.