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Federal Workers Applying For Unemployment Insurance Benefits

State of Alaska administers the Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees (UCFE) Program for the federal government under statutory authority of Title 5 Chapter 85 United States code, regulatory authority 20 CFR part 609.

Monetary Eligibility

A worker’s weekly benefit amount is determined by the wages earned in the base period. The base period is the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters prior to the quarter in which a claim is filed. To qualify a worker must have earned a minimum of $2,500 in the base period and at least $250 outside the high quarter. Federal employers report wages to the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development after a claim is filed. It is therefore the worker’s responsibility to submit wage proof to expedite the payment of benefits.

Claims Filing

The most efficient way to file a claim for unemployment benefits is online. Go to and click on “Unemployment Insurance Benefits”. Contact the claim center for additional assistance. Providing wage proof will expedite benefit disbursement.
For claim center phone numbers, contact addresses and additional information about opening a UI claim read the UI Claimant Handbook online

Information you will need to file for benefits:

  • Social Security Number
  • Address and phone number of last worksite
  • Dates of last employment, include first and last day worked
  • Wages earned in the last week of your employment
  • Other deductible income; vacation pay out, or severance received in the last week of employment
  • Wage Proof
  • Federal employees are required to mail or fax copies of standard form SF8 and SF50, and when possible a Leave and Earnings Statement (LES)
  • Ex-military personnel are required to mail or fax a copy of the DD214 member 4
    Ex-military personnel can obtain these documents at
    Ex-personnel of the Department of Defense can obtain records at

Available for work

To be eligible for benefits an unemployed worker must be able and available for full time work, albeit temporary. Unemployed workers must be available, willing to accept and actively seek suitable full time work. Unemployed workers may be required to report a weekly work search. The Department may also require registration for work in Alaska’s Job Bank for those workers living in Alaska; workers living outside of Alaska may be required to register for work in the resident state. Requirements for work registration and work search reports will be assigned at the time of opening a claim for unemployment insurance benefits.


Furloughed workers may file for UI benefits. However, if Congress provides retroactive payment of wages, the worker is responsible to repay UI benefits received.

The payroll office may be furloughed.
It is the worker’s responsibility to provide proof of earnings

Wage Proof Options:
  • Leave and Earnings Statement (LES)
  • Standard Form 50 (SF50) or Standard Form 8 (SF8)
  • W2 Statements