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Frequently Asked Questions for Debit Card

Why is the Department issuing debit cards for unemployment insurance benefits?

In accordance with Alaska Statute 37.25.050, unemployment insurance benefits will be made by electronic funds transfer or electronic payment to an account.

Will everyone filing for UI benefits receive a debit card?

Individuals filing a new claim will have the option of receiving their benefits either through Direct Deposit or Debit Card.

Is there another way to receive my benefits?

If you do not wish to have a debit card and you have a checking or savings account, you may change the payment method to direct deposit. To sign up for direct deposit, login to, click on “Unemployment Insurance Benefits” to sign up for direct deposit. You may also use the VICTOR automated phone filing system to enroll (select option 3 from the main menu).

Can I still receive my UI benefits by check?

Checks are only available to individuals who live in areas without an Allpoint ATM. To find out if an Allpoint ATM is available in your area, go to and enter your zip code.

How do I sign up for a debit card?

If you want to sign up for a debit card, logon to click on “Unemployment Insurance Benefits” and choose debit card. You should receive your card and welcome packet from KeyBank within seven days. Funds will be added to your card on your next filing cycle.

When will I receive my debit card?

If you are eligible to qualify for UI benefits, you should receive your debit card by mail within a week from filing. The card is issued directly from KeyBank. With your card, you will receive a welcome package which includes instructions on how to use the card.

What if I am signed up for direct deposit?

You will not be enrolled or receive a debit card if you are signed up for direct deposit. However, if you wish to change your direct deposit to debit card, logon to, click on “Unemployment Insurance Benefits” to sign up for direct deposit.

How do I activate my debit card so I can begin using it?

You must contact KeyBank to activate your card at the toll-free number they will provide. Once your card is activated, you can access your account information online at

When will my UI payments be available on my debit card?

Eligible UI payments will be added to your debit card account each time you file your biweekly claim certification.

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding my debit card?

You should contact KeyBank’s customer service center at (866) 295-2955. You can also view your balance online at

Are there fees associated with my debit card?

Debit card fee information
Cash withdrawals are free from KeyBank or Allpoint ATM. You can have up to two free withdrawals per month at any non-KeyBank ATM. Any other withdrawal will then be $1.50 each. There may be a surcharge fee on non-KeyBank or Allpoint ATMs. The amount will depend on the bank that owns the ATM. The ATM will notify you of the surcharge fee and allow you to cancel the transaction prior to being charged the fee.s

Is there a fee for using my debit card to purchase goods at a store?

No. There is no fee for using your debit card at retail locations.

Can I get cash back when using my debit card at retail locations?

Yes. You can choose to get cash back with no fees when you use your debit card for retail purchases if available at the retail location. When you make a purchase at a retail location, the merchant or terminal may ask if you want “cash back.” At that time, you can specify the amount of cash you want by telling the merchant or entering the amount into the terminal.

Does my debit card expire?

Your debit card is active for three years from the date it was issued. This means that if you should file and qualify for another new UI claim after your current benefit year ends, payments will continue to be deposited into your debit card account. If you file for benefits after the three year period, you will receive another card within 30 days of the previous card’s expiration date. You should keep your card until the expiration date, even if you do not plan on filing immediately for additional benefits.

What if I lose my debit card?

You will need to contact KeyBank Customer Service immediately at (866) 295-2955 to have a new card sent to you.

What if I forget my pin number?

You will need to contact KeyBank Customer Service immediately at (866) 295-2955. The Department does not know your pin number and cannot reset it for you.

Where can I find ATMs where I can get two free withdraws per month?

Phone (866) 295-2955 or go to to locate the nearest ATM using your zip code.

Can State agencies view or track my transactions?

For privacy reasons, KeyBank does not share card account numbers or transaction details. However, for reconciliation purposes, the department does have access to the amount and date of deposits to individual accounts. The Department cannot track transactions made using your debit card.

How can I check my balance?

You can check online free at You can also check your balance free from any KeyBank and Surcharge Partner ATM, or call KeyBank customer service at (866) 295-2955.

Can I add funds to my debit card?

No. Your card is a pre-paid debit card. That means you can only spend the funds that have been added by the department.

Can I request a second debit card for another individual such as a family member?

No. This card is specific to the recipient that has filed for and is eligible for UI benefits.