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  • The UI Actuarial Study, 2015 edition will be available December 2016
  • 2015 data for UI Claimant Characteristics will be available first quarter 2016
  • 2017 UI Finance and Tax Rate Calculations will be available in December 2016
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Alaska Economic Trends Articles

The Long-Term Unemployed; Where they originated and how immigration has shaped the state

Unemployment Tax Changes – About the year’s lower rates and tweaks to the system

The Insured Unemployment – Why it's often the highest in the United States

The Insured Unemployment Rate – What it says about Alaska’s seasonal workforce

February 2011

Changes in Unemployment Benefits – Economic effects of bigger payouts and new maximum

April 2010

Alaska’s Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund – How is Alaska’s trust fund faring?

March 2010

Alaska’s Unemployment Insurance Rate – Seasonal adjustments to the insured unemployment rate and what they say

October 2009

Unemployment Claims and the Insured Unemployment Rate – What are they saying about Alaska’s economy?

August 2008

Alaska’s Unemployment Insurance – Legislators increase benefits and shift the tax burden

February 2007

Alaska’s Unemployment Insurance Benefits – The economic value and the cost

January 2006

Tracking the Unemployed – The year 2000 unemployment insurance claimants: What happened to them in four years?

December 2005

Alaska’s Unemployment Insurance – The experience rating method

February 2005

Unemployment Insurance Taxes – A cushion for the unemployed, a stabilizer for the economy

March 2004

Unemployment Insurance Supplemental Benefit Programs – Supplemental programs extend benefits when regular benefits are exhausted

March 2003

Unemployment Insurance Claimants – Their characteristics, and changes in the population from 1992 to 2001

July 2001

Financing UI Benefits – Alaska’s system differs from that of other states

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