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  • 2014 population estimates by race and ethnicity will be available in summer 2015
  • The 2014 Alaska Population Overview will be available in fall 2015
  • 2015 population estimates by age and sex will be available in winter 2016

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Alaska Economic Trends Articles

Population: New Estimates - Alaska had 735,601 people in July 2014, a slight decline

Alaskans In Their Twenties - The state has a relatively large and growing share

Alaskans Who Live Alone - Demographics of single-person households

Alaska's Asians and Pacific Islanders - A look at the state's fastest-growing racial group

Anchorage Neighborhoods - Great diversity within Alaska's largest city

The Alaska Native Population - Steady growth for original Alaskans through years of change

Home-Grown Workers - Comparing those who lived here as kids to those who didn't

Alaska's Hispanic Population - Largest U.S. minority is a growing part of Alaska

The Shift to an Older Alaska - Baby boomers changed the makeup of state’s population

Alaska's Highly Migratory Population - Annual moves to, from, and across the state

The Makeup of Alaska's Population - 2010 Census release includes race and age

Alaska's 2009 Population - State and local estimates

Anchorage Migration - The movement between Alaska's major Native areas and Anchorage

The 2010 Census - Why it's important and how it will work in Alaska

The U.S. Economy and Alaska Migration - A historical connection between the two

Alaska's 2008 Population - State and local estimates

Census 2010 - The Census Bureau and what's in store for Alaska

A Picture of Alaska's Population - Statewide- borough and place populations for 2000 to 2006

Internal Migration and Income - Their interrelationships in Alaska

Migration - Alaska is a state of migrants; only 38.1 percent were born here

Population - Estimates for 2003 show Alaska population has reached 648818

Census Data on Race - Detailed information on race released by Census Bureau in Summary File

Education in Alaska - Attainment in higher education declines but remains above national average

Race and Ethnicity in Alaska - Definitions have changed; comparisons have become complex- racial distributions have shifted

U.S. Census 2000 - It's a massive effort to count everyone

Highlights: Alaska Population Overview: 1995 Estimates

1993 Population Estimates for Alaska

Problematic Population Enumerating

1990 Census - The Big Count

Alaska's Native Population: An Updated Profile

Population Growth and Migration in Alaska

Population Growth and Migration in Alaska

Special Census Results For Oil Related Worksites in the North Slope Borough

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