Alaska Economic Trends Articles

Alaska’s Housing Market - A snapshot of the first half of 2015

Rent Over a Decade - An Overview of Trends in Four Major Alaska Rental Markets

Juneau’s Housing Market - More zero lot lines and duplexes, buildable land at a premium

Juneau Neighborhoods - Alaska’s capital is home to discrete areas with their own identites

Anchorage Housing - Housing stock and characteristics of the market in the state’s largest city

Fairbanks’ Housing Market - Renting and buying in Alaska’s second-largest city

Alaska's Housing Market - Characteristics, affordability, and what makes us unique

Alaska's 'Young' Housing - Unlike the U.S., most homes were built in the '70s and '80s

Rent Increases 5 Percent from 2012 - Statewide median for all units now $1,119 per month

Housing Has Become More Affordable - But it's become harder to get a mortgage

Foreclosures in Alaska - How the state compares to the nation

Alaska Residential Construction - A look at the housing market and employment

2011 Alaska Rental Survey - Costs around the state for various types of homes

A Snapshot of Alaska's Housing Market - Housing market responds to crisis but looks relatively good

Housing Affordability - Record affordability in Alaska's housing market

The Anchorage Rental Market - A look at renting a home in Anchorage

Alaska's Residential Foreclosures - Alaska's foreclosure rates ? at a 15-year high ? are still much lower than the nation's

Alaska's Home Mortgages

Housing Affordability in Alaska - The role of home prices- interest rates and wages

Construction Costs and Building Activity - Building homes in Alaska

Housing Trends - Owner occupancy rates and monthly costs for owners and renters

Rental Housing - One in three Alaskans lives in rental housing

Subsidized Rental Housing - Government programs help Alaskans find affordable rentals

Housing in Alaska - Economics and demographics have shaped the market over the past 30 years

Rental Market Survey 1995: Vacancy Rate Still Tight

The Affordability of Alaska's Housing: 1987-1991

Vacancy-For Rent

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