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Division of Labor Standards and Safety

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Wage and Hour Administration


Programs administered by Wage and Hour include: Wage Claims; Minimum Wage and Overtime Enforcement; Child Labor Enforcement; Prevailing Wage Enforcement; Employment Preference Enforcement; Licensing Employment Agencies; Construction Contractor Licensing; and Alaska Family Leave Act.


The Wage and Hour Administration provides sole enforcement of several laws dealing with the payment of wages to workers (wage claims, prevailing wage, minimum wage and overtime). The agency acts on behalf of workers to collect unpaid or underpaid monies from employers through a variety of administrative, quasi-judicial and judicial procedures. The Prevailing Wage program ensures that all contractors working on public construction projects pay the same costs for labor, thereby preventing an unfair competitive advantage based on the use of cheap imported labor. The Construction Contractor Licensing program protects the public from unlicensed, unbonded contractors, while protecting properly licensed contractors from unscrupulous and unfair competition. The agency also oversees the enforcement of child labor laws to insure that minor workers are not exploited; administers the licensing of private employment agencies and oversees their operation; enforces the Alaska Family Leave Act as it applies to public employees; and monitors the employment of workers on public works projects to ensure that resident workers get their fair share of employment.


Contracting Agency ONLY
Public Construction project notification

New Minimum Wage
Press Release (PDF)

The new minimum wage took effect February 24, 2015, regardless of the January 1, 2015, date cited by the statute.

Because this law was passed as an Initiative Act (election by the people), as opposed to a Legislative Act (passed through the legislative process), the law becomes effective 90 days after the lieutenant governor certifies the election.*

* Sec. 15.45.220. Adoption and effective date of proposed law.
If a majority of the votes cast on the initiative proposition favor its adoption, the proposed law is enacted, and the lieutenant governor shall so certify. The act becomes effective 90 days after certification.


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