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UI Definitions

Able to Work
To be eligible for benefits, a person must be physically and mentally able to work.

Additional Claim
An additional claim is a notice of new unemployment filed within a benefit year. This frequently happens when there has been a break in filing because of intervening employment.

Availability for Work
To be eligible for benefits a person must be available for and willing to immediately accept suitable full time work. You must have transportation (bus, car etc.) and child care available. You are not considered available for full time work if incarcerated.

Agent State
The state in which a claimant files an interstate claim for benefits against another (liable) state where wages were earned

Alternate Base Period
The last four completed calendar quarters before the week in which a claimant files an application for initial determination. Used only when a claim is not eligible using the regular base period.

A person or interested employer has the right to protest any decision issued by the Department regarding benefits and/or rights to receive them. For more information on the appeal process, please refer to

Base Period
The first four of the last five completed calendar quarters before the week in which a claimant files an application for initial claim determination. The wages earned during this period determine benefit amount and duration.

To start the effective date of a claim earlier than the first day of the calendar week in which the applicant files for an initial determination

Benefits Exhausted
When a claimant exhausts the maximum benefits payable under a specific program

Benefit Year
A 52-week period during which maximum benefits payable may be drawn

Calendar Quarter
A period of 3 consecutive months ending on March 31, June 30, September 30, or December 31

Combined Wage Claim
Claimants who have worked in other states during their base year can request to have the wages from the other state transferred to Alaska to add their Alaska wages

Covered Employment
Any employment (defined by law), which an employer pays a tax, which is used to support the payment of benefits to claimants

Dependent Allowance
An additional amount of UI benefits added to the weekly benefit amount for each eligible dependent. Alaska pays $24 per week for each dependent, for a maximum of $72

Lag Quarter
The quarter between the end of a base period and the effective date of the claim

Liable State
The state against which a worker files a claim for benefits through the facilities of another (agent) state

Maximum Benefit Amount
The total amount of benefits a claimant can draw in a benefit year or other eligibility period under a state or federal law

Maximum Potential Duration
The highest number of weeks of total unemployment for which benefits are payable to any claimant in a benefit year

Monetary Determination
A notice issued to advise the claimant of their weekly and maximum benefit amount. It also lists all wages used in the base period to establish the claim.

Non-Monetary Determination
The determination of eligibility based on facts related to an issue. Through this process, all necessary facts concerning an issue are gathered from claimants and employers or a reasonable attempt is made to obtain these facts, an objective determination is rendered to ensure that payments are made only when due.

Partial Benefits
When unemployment benefits of less than the full weekly benefit amount are paid to a claimant

Personal Identification Number - A special code number that claimants establish to ensure that they alone can access (by phone) their account information and file weekly claims

Requalifying Wages
Federal mandate to prevent back-to-back unemployment insurance claims without intervening employment

Suitable Work
Any work for which the claimant has the skills, prior experience, education and training, and which meets the prevailing standards for the labor market

Waiting Week
A eligible week of unemployment for which a claimant does not receive benefits. Only one waiting week per benefit year is served.

Week Ending Date
The Saturday end date of the week being claimed. Unemployment Insurance is paid on a week-to-week calendar basis

Weekly Benefit Amount
The amount payable to a claimant for a week of total unemployment

Reopened Claim
The first claim filed after a break in claim series during a benefit year caused by anything but intervening employment

An amount of benefits paid to an individual to which the individual is not legally entitled.

Offset of Overpayment
Use of current weekly benefits to apply to an existing overpayment

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