Patsy Westcott, Acting Director

Mission Statement
Provide labor exchange, employment and training services, and unemployment insurance to Alaskans and Alaska businesses, thereby advancing opportunities for employment and providing economic stability for communities in Alaska.


  • Operate the Alaska Labor Exchange system (ALEXsys), an online no-fee labor exchange system that connects job seekers with employers.
  • Operate job centers across the state to provide services to job seekers and employers and promote long-term employment for Alaska’s workforce.
  • Provide job training and counseling services to qualified job seekers and veterans.
  • Provide temporary unemployment insurance benefits to eligible unemployed workers while they are seeking employment.
  • Assist unemployment insurance claimants and adjudicate claims.
  • Collect employment security tax contributions and maintain the integrity of the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund from which benefits are paid.
  • Provide adult basic education services to adults who need a high school diploma or General Educational Development (GED) certificate.