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You can choose from many different services. Some are free. You may have to help pay for others. You and your counselor choose services because you NEED them to go to work.

Free Services

  • Medical exam to see if you qualify and to help plan your career.
  • Counseling, especially about disability issues that affect you.
  • Help choosing the job goal that’s right for you.
  • Referral to other agencies that can help you.
  • Tests and other tools to better understand your talents, etc.
  • On-the-job training with a real employer while you work.
  • A short-term job try-out called a “Community Assessment.”
  • Training designed for you, to help you adjust to working.
  • Job search and placement services.
  • Interpreter, reader, and tutoring services.

Listed below are other services that you may need to reach your job goal. These services have a cost to them. You and your counselor will decide together if you can help pay for any that you choose. We test whether you can pay for the services listed below. And we will ask you about income in your household, savings accounts, etc.

Services You May Help Pay For

  • All training (except on-the-job training)
  • Books, training supplies, tools, equipment (including computers), and other supplies.
  • Living expenses, see your counselor for details.
  • Transportation (getting from place to place).
  • Medical care and therapy
  • Self-employment.
  • Devices that help with your disability.
  • Services to family members
  • Work licenses.
  • Any other goods or services.

Do you get Public Assistance or SSI? If so, you will not have to pay for the services you need.

Other state and federal programs offer some of the same services as DVR. Sometimes we may ask you to apply for and use their services instead of ours.

DVR has this information pack on tape, in large print, and in Braille. Ask your local DVR office.


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